Sophia Heronema

Entertainer, Marketer, Designer

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I help event producers, bands, and influencers. Listen to my music. Get my biz box. Make your life easier.

I'm in a Positive Reggae Jazz Band
Oh Like WOW Band

We sing about peace, love & butterflies! If you're in Colorado, come to our shows. We play covers and originals.

I've Been Doing Event Marketing for 10+ Years
Expo / Trade Show that I Marketed

My best client does 1 fair/trade show per week. He sells 30-40 vendor booths, and I get 1,000 people to come.

I Make Biz Boxes for Bands, Events, & Influencers
get your biz box

A Biz Box is all the templates, tools, training, and assistance for running a successful business in specific niches.

Sophia Heronema

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